Perhaps you need some words doing, or perhaps you want to get to know me.


Either way, I’m Bret Allen and I’m a writer. I’m a trained and experienced copywriter and editor and I specialise in creative fiction writing. This site is my blog, my portfolio and my creative space.

To contact me, send email to bret[at]bretallen[dot]info, or use the form below, or the social media icons at the top.

You can see my portfolio of copywriting and creative writing on the Copywriting page, plus my published books on the Books page.


More About Me

Obviously, I do words. I’ve been writing creatively since primary school and I have a degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Staffordshire University, which is the foundation of my copy writing skills. I’ve been tinkering with websites ever since to hone my skills (this blog is just the latest incarnation of a magazine site I started in 2007). I’m familiar with cultivating PR contacts, writing for specific audiences, marketing via social media posts, producing SEO targeted copy and editing/proofreading text. I’m also conversant with various publishing software packages, CMS (such as WordPress used on this site), image editing and SLR photography.

I prefer to write with humour, or at least a wry eye. I also lean towards writing about computer games and the games industry; it was computer games with strong narratives that got me into writing fiction in the first place. I’m working on the next great novel right now!

My current employment is of the self variety, working as a freelance copywriter (find out more here). I have clients in the games industry, gambling industry and use sites like Copify, but you can contact me below to do business directly.

On that note, this is my Amazon author’s page. My first self-published short story collection, Strange Matters, is available from there and other sources- check out the book’s page. Alternatively, check out my Goodreads author’s page.

I’ve lived most of my life in Shropshire and Staffordshire. I have a few great friends, a myriad of mates, a large and fantastic family, a fur baby and one true love.

Prior to that I have: moderating bingo sites, built computers, stacked shelves, typed postcodes and packed yoghurt. I went to university as I mentioned above, though I mostly studied the nightlife. I have a handful of GCSE and A-Level thingies but I can never remember them. In the course of maintaining my websites, I’ve interviewed models, photographed bands and reviewed games. I’ve cultivated contacts in several PR companies and games publishers. I also worked as a nightclub photographer at a few rock venues.


For now, I hope you like my musings. Keep an eye on the site (subscribe if you like, at the bottom of the page!) to find out when my latest fiction is ready to be seen. If you keep reading, I’ll keep doing words!

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