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Fantastic Beasts: Cases From The Wizarding World

Fantastic Beasts: Cases From The Wizarding World

Fantastic news! (and where to find it!)


I may have mentioned being busy over the last few months, working on a new game writing gig which has been important to me. While I was sworn to NDA secrecy for a long time, the game has now been released and I’m free to share the good news!

Impromptu Poetry: Schism.

Evening all.


Today I felt like scribbling out a quick poem. It’s about racism, jingoism and fascism, so I called it:




Today I met a heinous plan,

Borne within a normal man.

This plan it rode within his mind,

It gave him notions most unkind.

It’s shape was cruel and aimed to harm,

A dark design of selfish charm.

From man to man, it quickly spread,

This plan, it passed from head to head.

Its wings are fear, its jaws are hate,

A wyrm I recognised too late.

This simple whim, it tricked us all,

Denounce the foe, build a wall!

It whispered ‘us’, it warned of ‘them’,

Promised strength, augured mayhem.

That normal man, like you or I,

Had no forked tongue, or evil eye.

He just had friends and family,

Felt threatened by uncertainty.

The plan took root, on fertile soil,

Seed to stem, it did uncoil.

A wall he built, hard and tall,

Around his heart.

Against us all.

Strange Spotlight: The Birthday Cake

Strange Spotlight: The Birthday Cake

Let’s examine this cake!


Hi folks- time at last for episode 3 of Strange Spotlight, taking a look at another story from Strange Matters: The Birthday Cake.

Strange Matters is my collection of short stories of fantasy, myth and magic. The eBook’s available from AmazonSmashwordsGoogle Play and more, with the hardcopy on Amazon and Drive Thru RPG (where it’s cheaper!).

I opted to look at The Birthday Cake this time, because it was inspired by a Neil Gaiman story and today happens to be his birthday! HB, NG!