Jackpotjoy Creative Text

Promotional copy and ‘chat pastes’ for a major online bingo and slots company.


I performed some official, customer-facing copywriting while working as a host for a major bingo and slots company, Jackpotjoy. Hosting is like live, chat-based support combined with an entertainment and promotional role; a bingo bartender.

The copywriting varies from ‘chat pastes’ which are quick phrases for all the other hosts to grab and paste into chat to tell people about promotions, to ‘welcome messages’ and ‘broadcast pastes’ which are shown to all current site users for the same purposes.

Here’s an example:

“By royal decree, everyone shall share the honour of opening the Queen of Bingo’s Christmas advent calendar! Open a window on the promotions page today and find out what today’s special offer is!”

“Talk about a happy new year! You can get free bingo for a year worth up to £25 a month- to get a prize draw ticket simply wager £10 this month on bingo! Ask a host for details today!”

“Don’t be late for this very important date! Wonderland’s Alice has £5,000 to share on Valentine’s Day. Ask a host for more details.”

This work gave me a great opportunity to expand my horizons beyond my standard duties and see my text placed in a live, working environment.