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Other Work

Some others things I gone and done.


I started a website after university called Sleepwalkers Magazine, which was a local alternative lifestyle and music site. I cultivated contacts with several PR companies and games publishers. Over time, the site evolved into a blog (this’n). In addition, I’ve done these other bits and pieces:

Dubit Ltd: I have produced pitch documentation for this Leeds based game developer. This involves sorting through information about a potential game and making it read clearly and concisely, guiding both an uninformed reader and a technical reader to the relevant information.

Grammarly: Through the freelancing website Upworks, I won a contract to write a series of articles for the popular writing technique website Grammarly. These include pieces on literary techniques, improving your writing, academic writing and punctuation.

Copify and Textbroker: I have written several pieces for these sites, where companies pay for article-by-article copywriting, like a copy market. I’ve done a huge amount for these, from product descriptions and page copy to blog posts and CVs. On the lighter side, this is one of many paid game reviews.

AppyPets and Everfabs: I wrote the terms and conditions, taglines, brochures and more for these two salon websites (here and here).

Don’t Lose Your Headline: I co-host this podcast, which is a news comedy show aimed at finding the most outlandish and bizarre news from around the world. Some are real, some are fake- but in this show, truth is often stranger than fiction!

CYOA for Mestory: I wrote a short, paid Choose Your Own Adventure game for a company called SOWO, which is placed on a mobile interactive fiction app called Mestory. The piece is called ‘The Night of the Wolf and the Sellsword.’

Kite Digital: I wrote several articles on SEO and website usability for a web design company called Kite Digital. They looked unnervingly like this:

Selling is an art, not an exact science. It is about creativity and flair as much as following a specific formula. However, marketing has also been around for a very long time and it’s true that there are certain tried and tested techniques that can be used to maximize the chances of success.

It comes down to a little pop psychology. The art of selling varies depending on the product but one thing stays the same- the audience. Knowing a thing or two about human nature can go a long way towards making sales online. There are ways to tune into how people think- soft sell approaches that speak to the customer on a subconscious level while still being ethically sound.

Review of the Axis Festival: I reviewed the first ever Axis Festival (an urban music and culture festival), with photos. The review was kindly published by the BBC Stoke and Staffordshire website. There are two articles: an overall review published here, and a Sandi Thom gig review published here.

Photography: After doing photojournalism in university, I took an interest in photography. My main paid work was for a nightclub promoter, specifically for a local rock night called Devil’s Night. I also did some band photography and the occasional live music gig. See the slideshow above for a few samples!