The Sleeping Palace

Copywriting for ‘The Sleeping Palace’ by Casual Arts.


I was hired as a freelance writer by Casual Arts to consult on this game and enhance the storyline. Working within the existing template of a princess awaking in a strange palace (where everyone is asleep and the King is poisoned), I added some twists and nastiness and produced copy for diary entries and dialogue.

I added characters, fleshed out the backgrounds of existing characters and devised a new ending for the game. I also contributed to the roster of authentic objects. The best part, for me, was certainly writing text in a professional game for the first time! As you can guess, these were largely cheesy soap-opera things, which are actually loads of fun to write. Behold a letter that incriminates one of the King’s sons:

Prince Lucas;

I write to you in secret and can only beg that you keep this letter to yourself. I take a great risk in doing this, but I have a terrible secret and cannot bear to keep it any longer.

You have met me before; I am King Frederick Redmond. What you do not know is that I knew Queen Maria long before she married King Eduard.

Your mother and I had a fierce romance. It shames me to tell you that our romance has continued over the years. Maria was driven away from Eduard by his illness and cruel temper.

Forgive me, but you are not his son. You are mine. I send you my signet ring; look upon it and see your true heritage. Show it to your mother and she will confess.

Lucas, my son, please do not despair. There is a place waiting for you by my side.

You will still be a great Prince, and you could still have Laroche Palace, if you are willing to take it.

Your father, Frederick Redmond.


The Sleeping Palace can be purchased on Big Fish Games.