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The Gist of Wanking Words

The Gist of Wanking Words

If only today was National Juvenile Humour day!


Then you’d all be sorry. Enjoy a new Gist comic, with some choice euphemisms. Have you got any of your own for the list? Just pop them in the comments!

Demi chooses not to bring up that Red’s primitive penis is hidden inside his cloaca, while Red chooses not to mention that Demi only has, like, half a lettuce. Maybe they’re getting along after all?

The Gist of Cassava

The Gist of Cassava

It’s a plant!


Cassava came to my attention for two reasons, recently.

One: Okay I forget but it stuck in my head because I used a similar word, Kassavar, in my short CYOA The Night of the Wolf and the Sellsword.

Two: It gets mentioned in the TV show Death In Paradise.

So when it came to Gist time and I realised it was an angiosperm like the humble Strawberry, it seemed a fitting theme. I’ve never eaten Cassava and never will because of the FACTS.



PS. I should attribute the nice leafy photo: By Slashme (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Noice!