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DLYHL S05E09 – Always Swim Upstream

DLYHL S05E09 – Always Swim Upstream

Greetings for… what’s the day after Women’s Day? Boxing Women? That doesn’t seem right.


We’ve been sooo busy this week; Bret’s flogging his book for free, Chris is rummaging in drawers (ooer) and Phil is sorting cards to the point of madness!

Introducing The Little Vikings!

Introducing The Little Vikings!

Hola, muchachos!


I’ve been silent for a while, due to being in Tenerife. The holiday was excellent, a welcome break and time to recharge the batteries. Saw some great wildlife and went up a mountain to check out a volcano. You know, everyday stuff.

However, what I’m really pleased about, is the news I’ve been sitting on since this time last year!

I’ve hinted a few times that I’ve been working on a new games writing project, one that I couldn’t fully discuss due to a non-disclosure agreement. That game is now in public beta and I’m free to spread the word (and if you want to spread it too, that would be excellent!)


The Little Vikings!