fearless felicity kids book
  • Written by: Bret Allen
  • Published by: Dharma, Inc
  • Format: Kindle
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Fearless Felicity

Felicity Lane, an 11-year-old girl from the sleepy town of Oakvale, struggles to make friends at school because she has a reputation as a scaredy-cat. She never takes risks, never causes trouble and never stands up for herself. But things change when she finds a hidden link to a strange, secret app: GoYu. The app’s quirky character befriends Felicity and offers to improve her life, by taking away her fear.
Soon Felicity is braver and bolder than ever… but something’s wrong. As more people use GoYu, it becomes clear that self-improvement isn’t that easy after all. In fact, Oakvale is in serious danger- so it’s a good job that Felicity isn’t afraid to fight back… or is it?


I wrote this story for Dharma, Inc. with the simple brief of a tale which saw a girl learning how to be brave.

I’m proud of this short story/novella, which is my second piece written for children (roughly ages 10-12) and has a positive message about how one views oneself and interacts with peers. Plus, there’s a fun sci-fi element in the form of the tricky rogue app, GoYu!

Not my usual style, but rewarding to write and hopefully fun for you to read!