A fantasy novel about change; between eras, between social systems and between beliefs.


Aegis (working title, subject to change, as is everything else about this novel. Don’t ask) is about the special brand of chaos that grows between two eras; the past and the present struggling for control of the future.

While Aegis is shelved at the moment due to time constraints, I’ve listed it here because it’s my baby. It’s first incarnation was over 10 years ago! If I ever get time to write a straight fantasy story, this is the one- the majority of the setting and plot are ready to go.

Chancil is our main protagonist, a young boy/man (it varies!) lacking direction in his life (aren’t they all). Chancil lives in the nation of Midia, a melting pot of sorts which is united by faith and by a strong monarchy. A coup in Midia kills the king and blames his daughter, while his son rises to power. Chancil is thrust into events and joins the princess’ rebellion, setting into motion massive upheaval.

Chancil must seek help from the neighbouring nations in order to fight the new king. In doing so, they learn a great deal about the nature of Midia’s autocratic society and religion from an outside perspective. The rebellion becomes about changing people’s hearts, not just obtaining justice for the princess. Chancil discovers that there is powerful magic and more at work in the world, but how it might affect the future is down to the struggle between the royal siblings.

The rebels are forced to deal with threats far beyond sword and arrow if they want to secure a world worth living in, while a plot growing in the broken heart of a hated rogue called Arcturus endangers everyone. If he can reach his goals before Chancil can stop him, then the past will swallow the future forever.


Apologies for the vagueness, but there’s just too much to tell (without spoiling twists!) and too much that is up in the air, due it being a work in progress.

The only canon writing I’ve done in this setting is the short story ‘Arcturus’, which you can find as part of my collection, Strange Matters.