Bespoke, creative copywriting.

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As a copywriter, I can make a difference to your business.


The art of writing copy is often overlooked as being mere words on a page. The truth is that words have power; take it from a fiction writer. From the major advertising campaigns to the radio jingles that stick in your head, the right words at the right time can motivate a customer to action. Copywriting is about persuasion; a few short sentences, chosen with rigour and care, can turn a visit into a sale.

Copywriting is one of your strongest marketing tools.

From the impact of powerful, evocative language that speaks to a customer’s emotions, to the digital business of SEO keywords and organic search results through valuable content, copywriting underpins both print and online marketing. A picture may speak a thousand words, but one word in the right place can change a mind.

My services.

I pride myself on being able to offer three things:

  1. Clear communication
  2. Dependable results
  3. Creative skills

I feed my fiction writing skills into my copywriting, meaning that I see creative solutions and unusual approaches. This is built on a solid foundation of SEO, marketing theory and degree level English. Should you need copywriting, creative writing, editorial input, a refreshed design or simply want your existing creative checking for errors, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can do so using the social links at the top, the About page, or at

My rates are professional but flexible, depending on the scope and depth of your project. I always ensure that I keep a log of time taken on a project and keep to sensible, attainable goals, whether working by the hour or by piece.


I’m happy to produce written copy, press releases, website content, blog posts and similar items on more or less any subject. I’ve had experience with SEO copywriting, re-wording and both short-form and long-form text, with differing tones of voice.

Bespoke Writing

I can perform more unique writing too; a consulting writer! That includes tailored pieces, building brand identity and characters for business, descriptive or creative text for comics, storyboards, scripts and background plot and dialogue for games.

Social Media Marketing

I can manage, optimize and write content for social media accounts. Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr, you name it. The golden goose is to create viral content that markets itself.

Web Design

I build websites, too. That includes HTML5, CSS and content management systems, so I’m your man to build a site or manage one. This site is a prime example!

About me.

You can find out more about me and my qualifications on the About page, or see my portfolio of copywriting work and past clients below.