Bulletstorm 1 Minute Review

Howdy folks, here be a one minute video review of Bulletstorm! (it’s good)

Bullet storm PC

From People Can Fly and Epic games comes an FPS  with a twist.

Game play is based on killing with skill, making special kills that award the player with points, which are then used to modify weapons and get ammo. The more creative your kills, the better result.

This system is extremely tongue in cheek and has the violence fett ish angle covered. Get points for shooting an enemy in the anus. Get points for killing several enemies at once. The unique situations you are asked to set up get increasingly difficult and it certainly is rewarding when you pull off a tricky kill.

The combinations of skill kills are increased by the ability to kick people into a slow motion dive and drag people towards you with a device called a leash. These two are enough to make the game feel unique and it certainly is fun toying with people before killing them.

The frail plot revolves around a team of soldiers out for revenge when they find out that they have been used to kill innocent enemies of the state. The rest of the story is lost to insults and curses. If you like creative swearing and coarse oafish behavior, occasionally joined with self pity, you will love bulletstorm.

Between the points system for special kills and the coarse humour, Bulletstorm feels like an FPS version of Mad world. This is a mindless game, but packs hours of laugh out loud entertainment for those of us who love a good blood bath.


by Bret

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