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Choose My Adventure! I need your input, friends and strangers.


Right! Here’s a thing. I have been toying with the idea of a Choose Your Own Adventure style, co-operative blog short fiction mashup. Whoah! Mindblowing, I know.

Keen observers will see that I’m still mid-Rattus. So, that will be happening for a while yet. Do hope you’re enjoying.


Once Rattus has expired, I will attempt this new idea. Not sure which of my story ideas to use, or if I should develop a new one.

You can help me decide, while testing my poll buttons out! See Below! Choose one or two genres you like the sound of. I will try to write something ‘in’ the most popular one.

If there is a genre not listed that you fancy, or if you want me to continue something ive already written about in one of my shorts (perhaps a new story in the same setting) then use the Ole Comment Boxe.


Basically, I will write a segment. Probably a tad shorter than the ones I have been doing. Then I give options! Should Winston attack the badger, run away, or ask Ra’Skakuul to use his ray gun? That kind of thing.

There won’t be any statistics or instant death style wrong answers, like in the old choose your own books. Not to say that characters cant die… but the story will probably go on in some other way, unless it is at a closing point that feels natural.

I will do my best to make each choice have an impact later in the story.

So until Rattus is finished (giving me time to brew ideas) please give me some idea of what genres you are interested in, dear peoples:

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Vax Car Cleaning Kit review!

I’ve said many a time that I’ll review anything sent to me. Games, movies, women. In honour of acquiring myself a car, today I review the Vax Car Kit.

Vax Car Cleaning Kit

Simple and effective: a kit containing a variety of attachments for cleaning the interior of your car.

The kit comes in a fairly light plastic box durable enough to rough it in the boot or garage. There are five individual attachments designed to take on specific roles;

• TurboTool – for picking up dust, dirt and stubborn pet hairs

• Flexi crevice tool – for cleaning between seat cushions and other hard to reach places

• Dusting brush – for your dashboard and radio

• Flat upholstery tool – for quick cleaning of seat covers

• Microfibre gloves – for dusting your steering wheel, gearstick and other controls

• Adaptors – to fit any Vax vacuum cleaner


No Vax? The adaptors will work with a standard cylinder vacuum cleaner, so that doesn’t have to be a factor if the kit is a potential gift. In fact, it’s perfect gift material for anyone who looks after their car (perhaps the dads of the world).

In practise the tools take some getting used to and will not always produce the desired results, at least without some practise. The TurboTool is something like a crop harvester but it does the job, particularly when dealing with hairs, pulling them away with a rotating barrel of bristles. The microfibre gloves are effective once you get the technique right and very handy for a quick once-over on the dash and steering wheel. The flat upholstery tool is very useful, essentially just a thin, wide nozzle that makes doing large areas of fabric much quicker and easier. The best tool by far has to be the flexi crevice tool- this thin tube will get into all those places that gather dirt but are too small or fiddly for a normal hoover hose, such as the radio and cubby holes.


In short this is probably only worthwhile for someone who wants to pay particular care to their car. Nonetheless, it does effectively break down the various components of the task into specialised sections. Pet owners and those with long hair like myself might well benefit from the kit.

The RRP of £49.99 may be a little steep, though of course any car enthusiast would consider that nothing for a set of tools that will be used often. The Vax website is running an introductory offer at £24.99 here, making it a bargain gift at the moment.


Behold Sleepwalkers Art!

Greetings homies. Just a quick blog post again today to share some images with you. These illustrations are the first Sleepwalkers related artwork. These were drawn by the nefariously talented Sarah Giblin as preliminary ideas for artwork to go in the Sleepwalkers RPG book when it’s ever finished. Actually, it’s pretty darn close. Thank you Sarah for your hard work! The street scene is great but probably too wacky for the Fringe- however I may still use it for the Dreamscape, as it has a lovely creepy air of the inside of one’s head getting out.

Sarah Giblin Sleepwalkers Cat 1

Sarah Giblin Sleepwalkers Cat 2

Sarah Giblin Sleepwalkers Street