Choose My Adventure! I need your input, friends and strangers.


Right! Here’s a thing. I have been toying with the idea of a Choose Your Own Adventure style, co-operative blog short fiction mashup. Whoah! Mindblowing, I know.

Keen observers will see that I’m still mid-Rattus. So, that will be happening for a while yet. Do hope you’re enjoying.


Once Rattus has expired, I will attempt this new idea. Not sure which of my story ideas to use, or if I should develop a new one.

You can help me decide, while testing my poll buttons out! See Below! Choose one or two genres you like the sound of. I will try to write something ‘in’ the most popular one.

If there is a genre not listed that you fancy, or if you want me to continue something ive already written about in one of my shorts (perhaps a new story in the same setting) then use the Ole Comment Boxe.


Basically, I will write a segment. Probably a tad shorter than the ones I have been doing. Then I give options! Should Winston attack the badger, run away, or ask Ra’Skakuul to use his ray gun? That kind of thing.

There won’t be any statisticsĀ or instant death style wrong answers, like in the old choose your own books. Not to say that characters cant die… but the story will probably go on in some other way, unless it is at a closing point that feels natural.

I will do my best to make each choice have an impact later in the story.

So until Rattus is finished (giving me time to brew ideas) please give me some idea of what genres you are interested in, dear peoples:

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by Bret

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