CeX uses Bitcoin in Glasgow store

CeX uses Bitcoin in Glasgow store

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Just reposting something really, thought it may be of some interest.

Scotland could have a new currency after all, if they split from the UK!

A brave CeX store (and their online site) is using Bitcoin as currency today. Futuristic, no? Bitcoin has a mixed reputation but I like the idea as a whole. Universal space credits for all!

Oh, by the way, I’ve been touting Dark Souls a lot recently. Playing the first game on PC has been fun too, but if you fancy a free copy on Xbox, it’s one of June’s Games with Gold along with Charlie Murder and SSF4 arcade edition. Three games, because its their anniversary! Hoorah!

So, yes:

13th May – CeX, the revolutionary recycling retailer, today gives gaming fans the unique opportunity to buy and sell video games using Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer payment network, through webuy.com.

Launched in Glasgow, where the Sauchiehall store was turned into a pound free zone, CeX, the revolutionary recycling retailer also installed Scotland’s first Bitcoin ATM.

Championing the pioneering digital currency, CeX’s exclusion of the pound will turn the Glasgow high street into a Bitcoin laboratory, showcasing a possible alternative form of currency, should Scotland choose independence in the forthcoming referendum.

David Butler, CeX Commercial Director says, “It’s really exciting to be at the centre of such an innovative trial. In our store, the staff and customers live and breath technology so it’s only appropriate we looked at Bitcoin as a way for our customers to buy and sell video games and electronic goods. Not only does Bitcoin have a number of security and access benefits, but it is also gaining popularity amongst consumers the world over.”

“We hope that by introducing Bitcoin on a much wider scale here in the UK, the popularity for the digital currency will grow and more and more gaming fans will enjoy its benefits with CeX.”


It’s not just for buying drugs!

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