Deus Ex: The Fall mobile game gets HD PC reboot

Deus Ex: The Fall mobile game gets HD PC reboot

The word on the cybernet is that Deus Ex: The Fall is coming to the PC.


That’s right, the game that was originally ‘for’ the dataphone will soon be playable on your vidscreen. I’m doing a future-talk thing, stay with it.

On the 25th of March (in the future), Square Enix is releasing the game via Steam for £7.99 (799 cybercredits).

DX:TF follows Ben Saxon, a former British SAS mercenary (future division), who had some augmentations and wants to find out what the deal is with some future drugs that are needed by augmented humans. However, [conspiracy redated]. In a race against time, he must neuroblast some cybertroops before the future president does whatever.

I told him, I said B-Sax (I call him B-Sax), you need to just chill. Have a spacebeer, go for a walk in the geocity. Play with your iDog. These things usually sort themselves out. He’s stubborn though, our B-Sax. He’s got a bee virus in his neural bonnet.

An office, in the future

An office, in the future


New features added by the data hackers at Square Enix include 28 Steam achievements (‘Steamchievements’), Steam Trading cards, adjusted AI, added keyboard and mouse functionality and more. It’s on a bigger screen, for one thing. It looks very nice in fairness, not all that different to Human Revolution. Basically, if you didn’t want to fork out for the phone game before, but you want more Deux Ex goodness, it’s your lucky March.

Savvy consumerbots who pre-order DX:TF get a bonus- the original Deus Ex GOTY- for free. Quite why any self-respecting future gamer would not have that title already is beyond me. My neural net= blown. Anyway, you can also gift the copy, spreading the joy of Deus Ex like it’s the Grey Death.

You know what else 'went down' in Queensland? Ask her about the Belltower. Future filth.

You know what else ‘went down’ in Queensland? Tell her about your ‘Belltower’. Future filth.


It also features new music composed by Michael McCann. I haven’t heard it yet because I was too tight to spring for the game on iOS, but I wanted to mention it because game music still doesn’t get enough airtime. Pagetime? Pagespace. Words.

Anyway, I’m sending a robolink to your datapads:

Don’t forget there’s also the very cool augmented edition of DX:HR as well. DX:HR-AE if you will. But don’t.


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