DLYHL S04E13 – Of Bums and Poo

DLYHL S04E13 – Of Bums and Poo

Bon Monday! A new podcast awaits you stuffed with news and non-news!


We get miffed about Islam (not for reals, don’t worry) and corporate overlords (bastards) and lack of grammar (which it turns out can be quite threatening).

Phil tells us all about his bumbum discovery, which is quite… something. Chris has a story about a man who had a bad time in a toilet cubicle, but smells better than you’d expect. Finally, Bret has a Sliding Story for you where a true Floridian flees from the cops, but has an unpleasant surprise in his pants. Last but not least, listeners notified us about a vicious squirrel attack on defenceless old folks!

Yes, all our stories are bum or poo related this week. Purely serendipitous!

Enjoy! As ever you can check out the actual story links on our site, or drop us a line.

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by Bret

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