DLYHL S05E03 – The Really Grim Episode

DLYHL S05E03 – The Really Grim Episode

Happy new Thursday release day!


This #dlyhl episode is really quite grim. Don’t listen to it. It’s not funny, it’s just horrible. Seriously! If you want to listen to a podcast of wit, banter, levity and good humour then that podcast is streaming elsewhere. Listening to this podcast can only bring misery and sadness.

Don’t listen to Chris’s Italian faux pas, Phil’s ghost cat or Bret’s Shaun. Definitely don’t listen to the tale of the airport strip search with a twist, or the myriad real and fake crimes of a truly legendary (and possibly insane) businessman/duke/prostitute. For the love of God, don’t let Phil tell you about the legendary City of the Monkey God and its flesh-eating parasites.

Hilarious stuff. Don’t forget to also never find out the answer to the #serialjapist and join in this week’s.

Come back next week instead!


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by Bret

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