DLYHL S05E04 – Lime Green Jelly (with special guest: Layla Randle-Conde)

DLYHL S05E04 – Lime Green Jelly (with special guest: Layla Randle-Conde)

This week: Uuuuurgh! A girl!


Yes, #DLYHL has a guest this week in the form of Layla Randle-Conde, writer, creator and purveyor of humorous filth for The Beezly Street Gazette. So we’re on our best behaviour! Though, 50% of us had bad throats. Can you tell which?

Bret has his heart screened for electrical nonsense, Chris reads the signs and Phil has a man-meltdown over coffee. Layla chooses her personal values over the lure of casual crime! Women, amirite?

Lots of stories for you this week! The cops get lucky while hunting for Graham Norton, there’s a slew of masturbating drivers in America (where we learn a fun new term) and Layla brings us the tale of Waitrose’s latest anti-food! Meanwhile, Phil is rocking a game that tests our knowledge of Beezly Street Gazette, the funniest silly news site this side of Trumpton.

Have fun guessing which stories are real and fake! Once again, we offer our thanks to Layla for her time and making us laugh. Please check out her site!

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by Bret

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