DLYHL S05E05 – Rock, Pooper, Satan

DLYHL S05E05 – Rock, Pooper, Satan

Hello fellow earth humans!


It’s DLYHL time as this week; Bret makes Ghost Recon sound more or less like Nandos, Chris meets a Bear (we aren’t sure what this means) and Phil inhales a bit of the ol’ plastic cancer smoke.

We find out that Lady Gaga’s Superbowl performance was in fact a Satanic ritual, according to the lovely chaps of the alt-right. They know all about these things. We also play a game of Balls-out Metal or Made up by Brettle? So, if you know your Ozzy from your Cannibal Corpse, you can have a go at guessing which of these metal facts are phony. Last but not least, we learn of a special new way to create jewellery, which is so personalised that nobody will want to touch it!

Enjoy and don’t forget to join in with Serial Japist! We’re rewriting the rules of punning!


by Bret

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