DLYHL S06E11 – Squalene on Me

DLYHL S06E11 – Squalene on Me

Equality is important to us at DLYHL and since we’ve done a penis special, this week we have a vagina special!


We all learn a few things about the lady zone today, yet somehow penises and balls get plenty of mentions too.

In life, Phil has a problem that you don’t want to hear, Chris is getting messy in the girl’s loos and Bret is best off not dancing. In the wider world, we have vagina facts and headlines- who knew vaginas got so many inches (of column space)? We also hear all about Nasa’s Planetary Protection Officer post, with Chris and Bret competing for the job. Finally, we learn that sometimes scrotums need a little smoothing out!

Don’t forget to guess which of us is lying about our personal headlines, with the tag #headlies to maybe win the episode prize. Join in with the #limerekt competition to go in for the series prize!


by Bret

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