Don’t Lose Your Headline S02E02 – Naughty Ninja

Don’t Lose Your Headline S02E02 – Naughty Ninja

This week, we unveil a new format!


Welcome one and all, it’s DLYHL time again! And yes, that’s right, we’ve made a minor change to Don’t Lose Your Headline this week.┬áBy minor, I mean, we enjoyed having a guest start, loved the 3 way action (indeed) and said: “Why not do it every week?”

So Chris has become a permanent new addition to the team. We’ll each share two stories and as before, any amount can be real or fake. The others guess which is which and hilarity ensues!

This episode: a penis tree, a man living as a goat, a masturbating ninja and more!
Which stories are real, and which are fake?


Thanks for listening. As ever, if you have a news story you want us to read, or an idea for a fake, email or tweet one of us post haste via our sites, or Twitter (Bret, Phil or Chris)!

by Bret

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