Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation Video!

So, yeah, that’s pretty much the gist!


Bethesdizzle have released a video via YouTube, showing off some of the character creation options available in the forthcoming TES game.

Naturally, players will want muchos variety. No totes awkward same-character nonsense.

To make that possible, they’ve added even more customisable… ness. To whit, you can give your character a beer belly.

Now your adventurer can look just like you! Only, without a band t-shirt covered in tea stains.

I quite like this, it opens the door for more realistic characters (to an extent) such as your portly merchant or older mercenary going a bit lardy but still strong as an ox. The Argonians and Khajit appear to have had work done too, the former looking decidedly more reptilian and the latter more leonine.

Personally, I lose interest very quickly during the physical side of character creation- there’s such a thing as too many options. But at least we know that in TES, no two characters will look alike for at least a few weeks.


by Bret

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