Fallout 3: New Vegas Creatures and Perks update!

Hi non-sports fans.

Today’s blog post is somewhat of a gisting of a blog post by an esteemed writer called David Hodgson, who is writing the official game strategy guide of Fallout 3: New Vegas. I’ve also chucked in some of the latest info on the new Perks that we will be seeing.

David has keenly detailed some of the monsters of F3:NV for us and personally I think this is very exciting; aside from the main human factions, the monsters are always the face of a game. If you have cool creatures to do battle with (Skaarj, Headcrabs, Big Daddies for example) then you instantly have a better game; a love to hate relationship that allows the game world to describe itself through combat; the action scenes help you to engage with the game just as much as the dialogue scenes.

This sneak peak at the upcoming game guide gives away a little about the key creatures that will inhabit the Mojave Wasteland. David initially revealed a little about the human-sized adversaries of the wastes; White Glove Society Bouncers with dandy canes, the slack jawed goons of a Brahmin Baron, shifty city thugs and a variety of different guardsmen for each settlement such as Howitzer armed Boomer tribesmen. The two big factions, NCR and Caeser’s Legion, will have a their own little armies for you to run away from very quickly.

What we really want to see of course are the twisted remnants of nature that are Fallout’s signature mutants. David classes wilder foes as “Abominations”, totally outside of the natural order, while mutated animals are known as… Mutated Animals. Long time Fallout fans will be happy to see the return of the Deathclaws, this time aided by ‘Legendary’ and ‘Alpha’ classes to up the challenge level. Veteran Fallout fans will also be rewarded by the appearance of an old enemy; the Gecko! F2 players will recall being eaten repeatedly by these massive rubbery lizards and it’s no surprise that the arid Mojave is home to their ilk.

New foes will include the Nightstalker, a mysterious dweller of dark places and blue Nightkin Super Mutants, led by the pleasantly named but presumably quite hostile leaders, Tabitha and Davison. The scenery of this instalment looks set to be very detailed and frankly teeming with life, which is just how we like Fallout; this isn’t about the blasted, boo-hoo Post Apoc genre, but about a 50sesque B-Movie creature feature. Fallout in the past has struck a wonderful balance between silly monsters and stark realities, finding a way to make the schlock still carry shock- fingers crossed, New Vegas will continue that fine tradition.

To quote David: “It’s up to you to meet and greet it, or beat and eat it.”

Finally, a sneak preview of the new Perks:

Nice sash


The slayer walks the earth! The speed of all Melee Weapons and Unarmed attacks is increased by 30%.

Move, bitch, get out the way...

Spray ‘n Pray:

Your attacks do much less damage to companions, allowing you to liberally spray an area with reckless abandon.

School flashbacks...

Super Slam:

All Melee Weapons (except thrown) and Unarmed attacks have a chance of knocking your target down.

Methinks the Slayer perk will be getting quite a workout from my desert nomad when I get my hands on a copy…



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