The Gist of Civilisation 6

The Gist of Civilisation 6

This time it’s national!


Yes, I’ve spent a good deal of Bret hours on Civ 6 the last month. Civ does this to me, despite being a little flat as 4x games go. A new one comes out, I devour it for ages, then I forget all about strategy games forever.

Really, it’s the first half of any Civ game that I love, the historical vibe, the exploration, founding and stabilising the empire. Sometimes the second half of the game is a grind to see who has the most music/faith/guns/science. I’ve only played a handful of the civs so far, but America I’ve liked the least. Maybe this is because I’m biased. Maybe it’s because I started next to, I shit thee not, Rome, Spain and Scythia, all of whom wanted to convert, kill and bully me. Huh.

Maybe it’s because of the problem with their unique units encountered in the above Gist.

Still, excellent game. Each one feels a bit different. So far, my best empire has been Brazil. Ironically, they get rain forest bonuses, so your Brazilian excels when keeping the shrubbery intact.

Ta-ra for now!

by Bret

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