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Hola amigos, merry thursday.

Today’s blog post is just a little commentary on a new item that caught my eye today. It was going to be a short smorgasboard of such gisted news items, but I’m short on time and mind effort. So, just one category this time:

Enterbrainment news: Teh Reutzors succinctly reported that an advert by Yves St Laurent was banned up by UK watchferret ‘ASA’. No less than thirteen viewers complained about the TV commercial for a perfume called ‘Belle D’Opium’. The outrage blister was filled by overt references to the perfume being druggy. The advert ‘shows a woman dancing to a drum beat before pointing to her inner elbow and running her finger along the inside of her forearm.’

The inner forearm, Heroin users will confess, is a common site for injection; a kind of smack chakra.

Then she lies on the floor and the voice over says “I am your addiction”, the kind of subtle ejaculation we have come to expect from advertising that sells expensive smells with a false air of glamour to the average peasant on the street. YSL said the name was about the women who wear the stank being addictive, not a reference to drugs being fun. The Advertising Standards Authority were not soothed, insisting that viewers could misinterperet the acts on the shortened TV ad ‘ as the effects of drug use rather than an expression of femininity and bewitchment.’ Dirty.

Personally I see nothing to complain about. I quite like the sound of the advert. It’s not like they showed her injecting the perfume into her vein and then twitching on the floor, rolling her eyes and evacuating her bowels in an overdose cockup.



by Bret

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