Help make “Aerith’s Theme” from FF7 the UK’s favourite classical tune!

A very nice man called Mark Robins in the games PR industry is trying to drum up some support for the cause of getting game music recognised by the mainstream.

I really approve of this idea. There are some amazing peices out there- the scores for Assassin’s Creed spring to mind. FF7’s tunes are nostalgic, iconic and startlingly well written

Gamers, unite!


Here’s the message from Mark:

Voting for the Classic FM 2012 Hall of Fame is now open – every year this run down of the 300 greatest pieces of classical music features amazing compositions from the greatest composers in history along with fantastic movie scores, BUT, to my knowledge it’s never featured any orchestral tracks from video games.

This MUST change!!

From now until voting closes on Feb 29th I’m asking all fans of video games and video games music to visit the voting site at and vote for classical interpretations of their favourite bits of video game music.

To make a real splash though, I’m hoping that everybody who does vote chooses Nobuo Uematsu’s “Aerith’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VII for at least one of their choices so we can really push it up the chart – and for anybody who wants a reminder of what that sounds like, here’s a link

This is a UK radio station, but voting appears to be open worldwide so please let everybody you know who loves video game music to come “like” this page and vote. Let’s get video game music the recognition it deserves.




You can obey here:




by Bret

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