I Still Aten’t Dead

I Still Aten’t Dead

Thanks for being patient everyone!


Guess who’s back… back again? Moi.

Welcome to the snazzy new redesign and retitle of my site. I’m aiming to push things towards the writing direction from now on, so you can expect to see less blog posts (there isn’t enough time in the day to do daily posts!) but I’ll try to keep them interesting!

Be assured that any lull in activity is due to my writing workload!

I’ll post again soon with a bit more information, but suffice to say that I’m back and busy. Remember that game writing project I mentioned? You can see a bit more about it now, on the Portfolio link above.

Oh, don’t mind me while I tinker with this these. Colours and stuff may vary. I’m going minimalist, to match my shrinking body (the healthening is actually working!).

Have a look around. Most of my old posts are still on here. The pages have been trimmed down and updated.

Also, check out the social media links at the top of the page, and a nice feedburner link for you to subscribe.

Coming soon… the journey of self publishing!

by Bret

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