The Idler Christmas Subscription Discount

The Idler Christmas Subscription Discount

Hello everyone!


This week I just thought I’d pass on a good offer. This isn’t a sponsored post, just something that landed in my inbox and I quite like, so it seemed worth telling folks about.

The Idler is a magazine, if you haven’t heard of it before. They are discounting over 20% off when you give an Idler subscription as a Christmas present, plus a free calendar gift. It equates to £39.95 for six issues and a total saving of £24.

You could also give an Idler gift card designed like the Idler calendar by the Idler art director, the artist Alice Smith. They go out in little brown boxes tied with red satin ribbon. Swanky!

I’m passing this on because the Idler is a cool magazine, though be warned, it’s aimed heavily at smartarse intellectual Hipster types. It’s ethos is about taking life easy; how to be happy, productive and creative without getting into a big old fuss and losing all your hair. It’s kind of anti-modernity, yet still interested in technology and politics. It’s like an antidote to the workaholic lifestyle. They cover everything from biphasic sleep to the wonders of radio. If you want to be a clever, switched on person but you also hate the trap of 9-5 work, this is a good shout. They even offer courses in ukulele. I warned you.

So now you know!

Tara a bit,


by Bret

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