Introducing Strange Matters

Introducing Strange Matters


Something strange this way comes. My short story collection, mentioned so many times in so many little asides, is finished at last!

Yes, really! Now entitled ‘Strange Matters’, twenty of my stories and poems are all in one place and ready to be read. You can see a teaser of the cover above.

Many of you saw The Firebird get released as a standalone novella. That experience taught me a lot and I hope it comes across in the full collection. As I said in the previous post, The Firebird has now been enhanced with a fresh edit and three extra pieces, forming a kind of free sample of the Strange Matters collection. You can get a free copy of the revamped Firebird as .epub, .mobi or .doc, and more, here at Smashwords.

If you’d rather dive straight into Strange Matters, that’s cool too. At the time of writing it costs £1.99 or thereabouts (some retailers require fine tuning) and can be found on Amazon, Smashwords or Google Play, with more options coming soon. The full list will be on the book’s page here on my site.

Furthermore, if you’re reticent about forking out, use the code GX45S to get 33% off at Smashwords (expires 7th June). Smashwords is an American site but great for letting you pick  your format of choice, ideal for those conversant with adding their own books to their devices.

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How long was I working on those stories? Maybe four years, since I wrote the first one that I’m using (The Other Bedroom). More kept coming and being added to the roster. Edits were done in long, painfully slow waves. Some were dropped, others sprang into existence suddenly and simply ‘had’ to be added to the set. Finally, the easy part is over!


Let me tell you about some of the stories I’ve included:



Kate’s night is interrupted by meeting a mute, half-naked Ethiopian boy, which would be fine if he wasn’t being hunted through the streets of London by hyenas.


When a group of bikers get lost in a forest, they find that they are not alone.

The Firebird

Ekaterina wants to be taken seriously by the men of her village, so she sets out to hunt the greatest prey of all… the legendary Firebird.


A nameless criminal explores his capacity for magic- and empathy- when he’s forced to make unusual acquaintances to escape justice.

It Wants To Eat Me

The diary entries of a teenage girl who finds an unusual and unwelcome intruder in her dreams.

British Gods

Two strange figures watch the violence of the London riots unfold and do what they can to help, as only forgotten gods can.


Having just died, Andy’s not pleased to find himself in the ancient Egyptian afterlife, where the goddess Bastet wants a word with him.


I’m hugely proud of finishing this collection and can’t thank enough the people who’ve supported me for the last few years.

What comes next? I’ll be posting over the coming weeks about the stories within, in more detail about. I’ll share info about the cover artist Charli Vince who drew me a stunning and eerie hyena. I’ll be doing everything in my power, really, to showcase this work. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated! Tell a friend!

Further down the line, there will be a print edition. More on that when the time’s right.

For now, I’m patting myself on the back and pouring a huge whisky. I hope you enjoy Strange Matters- it was a labour of love and feels like a big milestone, alongside my (now finished) work on the Little Vikings game project.

I look forward to hearing what you think!

by Bret

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