Latest Dead Island Screenshots! Blood and/or guts!

There’s this island, right, and it’s being overrun by the dead.¬†Insensitive people might even call it Dead Island.

I think we all know what to expect from this game. Hitting zombies with things, gratuitous violence, Hawaiian shirts. The trailer was a massive hit thanks to it’s rather soulful and artsy depiction of events in the game, but there is frankly no such thing as a serious zombie game or film. You can be sad about all the dead people if you like, but you still have a game where dead bodies charge around with all the realism of a boat-centaur hybrid. Some of the dead bodies, it would seem, have developed special powers, like the power to be in a straight jacket. You know, they’re even producing a novelisation. Really?¬†‘John smashed the zombie’s face in with a lamp. It was sticky. Damn, he thought, I’m so upset by all these zombies.’

To enjoy Dead Island, I feel we should focus on the simple, unadulterated fun aspects. Let’s not detract from what will sell this game- amusing ways to fight zombies, and lovely graphics. Speaking of which, here are some new screenshots! Click for the full-size versions.

New Dead Island Screenshot 2

This black gentleman appears to enjoy urban fashion and prominently displayed jewellery. I bet he says the M word, sooner or later.

New Dead Island Screenshot 3

The island is actually called 'Banoi', which has its own mythological connection to the dead.

New Dead Island Screenshot 4

One day, a woman in a game will be dressed appropriately. This is not it.

New Dead Island Screenshot 5

'Going down!' or possibly 'It's hammer time!' or even 'Don't lose your head!'. You get the idea.

New Dead Island Screenshot 6

This chap was partaking of the 'extra' services offered by the resort's massage parlour.

New Dead Island Screenshot 7

Lovely lighting effects highlight the bloated pus sacks on the fellow at the back. 'This is not my best angle', he wails as his failing, putrescent body becomes a perverse weapon.

New Dead Island Screenshot 8

Stoke-on-Trent, yesterday.



by Bret

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