Of Muffins and Mirrors

Of Muffins and Mirrors

This is, I’m pretty sure, the way to do it.

Keyboard, screen, internet, hot chocolate and muffin.

A little smooth coffee shop jazz, to absorb the sussurations of other beverage worshippers.

Note to self- Evernote doesn’t have sussuration, worshippers, jazz or even internet in it’s dictionary. How quaint. Perhaps WordPress was the way, but no going back now.

Screens dog our lives in the information age, but I really don’t mind, so long as I get the odd respite. They are magic mirrors, portals. That connect us to a wider consciousness, that allow us to seek knowledge from far flung corners. The occasional Evil Queen might come along and use them to spy on us, but that’s nothing new.

Note to self… a wall mounted ornate mirror, Disney’s Snow White style, oval with an ornate frame. Rather than a looking glass it has a touchscreen. It’s a novelty tablet, wall mounted, for the user to wander over and use for quick internet searches or to peruse to-do lists and news bulletins.

Oooh, with a siriesque voice search. User says Mirror, Mirror and asks their question.

Ooooh, and when idle, the screen saver is simply camera mode, effectively a mirror!

Shit the bed, somebody write this down!

You might wonder how my writing is going. Slowly, but surely. I’ve had the pleasure of being distracted by a side project, an RPG session with friends. Work will continue, fear not. The Firebird’s brothers and sisters will join it soon, while the Firebird itself is headed to non-Amazon distributors.

Right, I have a muffin to end. Have a good week, everyone. Watch those screens.

Mirror, mirror…

by Bret

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