Our Daily Beard – 04/03/13

Honey, I’m home!

I’m more or less back on the internet now.

So; back to posting stuff and/or nonsense.

This tickled me hugely, though it’s really similar to an idea me and my girlfriend had and now will never get to do. Ours was called the Magna Cata, or something to that effect.

Basically, ZSL London Zoo have made a map of the cats in London and other parts of the world!

You go on the site and presto! There’s a map of where people’s cats live in the city- basically a visual survey. Genius! Cat census!

In their words: ‘Ever wondered about the tabby cats in Tottenham? Do white cats hail from White City? Or do you just want to know how many cats there are in Catford?’

Long story short, people can upload their cats to an online map, creative a survey of breeds and ages and so on in the various geological zones of the city. It’s a fun parallel to how animals are mapped by conservationists. Furthermore, it’s gone way beyond London in just a few days- Brazil, for example!

Cat Map Creator Filip Hnizdo said: “Our two new tigers are big cat news, but we think little cats are important too. Tigers are the world’s favourite animal, and an iconic species in every culture – we want to see just how important their smaller counterparts are to London’s residents. Cat Map is the one stop shop to find out how just how cat-mad Londoners are.”

Kudos Filip! Awesome idea, isn’t it? I love anything that’s both interesting and daft. Go on, upload your cat already. Put a photo, description, gender, age, colouring. I want to know just how surrounded we are.

This is all in honour of the new Tiger Territory exhibit at the zoo. The Zoo folks have added the two new tigers Jae Jae and Melati- they’re critically endangered so they deserve celebrity status. They’ve travelled more than 14,000 miles to be together from the US and Australia as part of the global conservation breeding programme. There’s only 300 left in the wild, so wine and Barry White CDs are on standby.

Have fun stalking cats!


This is Jae Jae, not to be confused with Richard Parker.

This is Jae Jae, not to be confused with Richard Parker. Click for biggerness!



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