Our Daily Beard – 13/03/13

Good afternoon.

Today I embrace the infinite by crossing the borders of consciousness in a locomotive trance state.

Actually, I’m updating my blog from the car.
Don’t worry, I’m not driving!

I am, as the song goes, the passenger. There’s something very odd about long car journeys- moving between places, watching the road come and go, glimpsing the landmarks along the way.

Roads have long been associated with magic and the psyche; there’s the symbolic journey, the ritual of driving and the kind of trance that comes from a menial but engaging task.

That said, it can be a funny old time, spending a few hours going to and from your 95 year old Nan’s nursing home. With little to do but think and occasionally see landmarks from your childhood, it can be quite a melancholy experience.

It can also bring a smile to your face as the timeless vacuum of the road summons forth memories you might have thought lost.

Here’s to my Nan Jess, who at 95 drinks better and more whiskey that I currently do.

Back to the Saga of Sweetangel tomorrow!

by Bret

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