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Thought I’d wax lyrical about a show called Rev today.

Have you seen it? I missed it when it was on TV, but my girlfriend found it on Netflix.

It’s a really good little comedy series, British, about a Church of England vicar from a country parish thrust into an inner city London parish, Saint Saviour in the Marshes.

Hilarity ensueth.

The titular Rev. Adam Smallbone (lulz) is played by the tiny little Tom Hollander, who magnificently conveys an honestly devout but seriously confounded man. Miles Jupp and Olivia Colman support excellently.

Adam drinks, smokes and swears, which was part of the original selling point (that’s not what vicars are traditionally meant to do, hur hur hur). The series actually goes way beyond that with some quite incisive jokes about the state of the church and people’s attitudes to it, both from without and within. Adam struggles to keep his faith amidst all the inner city decay and modern pressures on the church. Somehow, they make that hilarious. Like all great comedies, the key to the laughs is that in another light it would be tragic.

Here’s a sample:


Give it a try!



by Bret

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