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Today, a little teaser trailer which has emerged from Bethesda.

The game is ‘The Evil Within’ and details are somewhat sketchy at this juncture. This is not to be confused with the recent re-ape of The Evil Dead.

We do know what Shinji Mikami is working on this badboy. You know Shinji! Of the Yamaguchi Mikamis! Phyllis and Derek’s boy!

Anyway, he did Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, so he knows a thing or two about survival horror, if not about zombies and dinosaurs. He also worked on Phoenix Wright, so he must have a soft side- but I doubt it’s coming to the fore in The Evil Within. I mean- let’s be serious for a moment- this evil is specifically within. That’s, like, the worst kind.

The Evil Within sounds like it’ll be his seminal (hurhur) survival horror work. It will feature: ‘Highly-crafted environments, horrifying anxiety, and an intricate story weave together to create an immersive world that will bring players to the height of tension.’

I do hope so! Sounds great on paper. It’s going to be on the big three platforms in 2014.

Now, the trailer. Shin-Miks worked with the famed Kyle Cooper (Se7en, The Walking Dead) to make this fancy live action trailer that, we’re told, captures the tone of the final game.

This trailer is a thing of cutting-edge horror. Shin-Miks and Ky-Coops have crafted a scene which transcends the normal tropes of horror by… including several of them!

Crafty buggers!

See if you can spot these:

Suddenly moving thing

Scary tools

Gloomy corridor

Skull (animal)

Barbed wire


Skull (human)

Scary mask

Vintage photograph

Drippy blood

Long-haired woman crawling about



I look forward to being more surprised by the game itself.


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