Our Daily Beard – 23/03/13

Right then.

Back on to late shifts at work for the week- 5pm to 2am!

Not very conducive to avoiding the snacks, or indeed to eating a proper evening meal- though my partner Becki covers me there admirably!

Having said that, I’ve discovered a pretty nice low-cal snack in the form of Philadelphia light on a Ryvita cracker. ‘Discovered’ may be little strong. Still, it’s a good way to keep going.

In the meantime, lots of editing, submitting to publishers and even a little writing!

Now, a quick shoutout- do any illustrators ever pop onto my site and did you like the Saga of Sweetangel? Check the top link bar if you didn’t see it- I posted about 14 parts over the last month or two. I’d love to find someone to draw a simple scene for each stanza, making a little picture story book.

I picture something a bit whimsical and Victorian. Or, indeed, you tell me.

See you soon folks!


by Bret

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