Our Daily Beard – 28/03/13

Oh yes, Easter!

I haven’t yet taken the time to properly pass on the Easter Bunny Apocalypse.

Today, that ends! Today!

So here’s the skinny. A procrastination of writers numbering 20 have banded up, or perhaps teamed together, to write a short story with a terrifying and hilarious twist on Easter.

You can follow the above link to Ksenia Anske’s blog (@kseniaanske) and read up to Chapter 16, at the time of writing. Each new chapter is written by a different author. My good friend Dave Eccles (@Vikingbeard) wrote chapter 2 which introduces cats into the mix!

The story follows the Easter bunny as he wages a war against mankind. Various creatures weigh in on either side and we see some great characters pop up along the way, such as Doug Karlson’s (@DEKarlson) Bruce Donnegan, the aussie rabbit-war veteran scarred by his violent past. With bunnies!

Please check it out, it’s great fun. It partly inspired my Frost the Snowman flash from the other day.

Have a good Thor’s day!

by Bret

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