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Did you enjoy Game of Thrones season 3, episode 1?

I certainly did.

They squeezed a lot in there- shame there was no Arya, but understandable. No Brienne and Jamie either- again, they only have so much time. Still, we got to see the Tyrell’s PR machine in effect, Tywin’s disdain for Tyrion, adolescent dragons (fantastic) and the Unsullied.

Of course, Whitebeard’s identity was revealed right away, because it wouldn’t have worked on the screen like it did in the book. Great to see him, anyway.

I think some changes have been made, or will be made, around Harrenhal and this stage of Rob’s war. I don’t mind that at all- I struggle to remember it actually.

With the show renewed for a fourth season already, we can settle in for the long haul with this one. I’d love to say what I’m looking forward to, but you know- spoilers.

Now where did that pesky Hound end up…


by Bret

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