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May the 4th be with you!

Yeah, you got it right, this is a no-Slayer-sadness zone. Chin up, kill all humans.

Isn’t May the 4th a nice idea? It’s a great way to identify fellow nerdgeeks. I might just start using it every day.

My local comic shop (which is part of the awesome Forbidden Planet empire) is giving away comics and a hefty discount on graphic novels!

I’m not sure how to celebrate yet. A movie? A bit of gaming? Reading a comic?

Does watching tonight’s Doctor Who count? I think it does if you do a little dance during the theme tune and make the OOeeeeOOO noises.

So that’s me sorted.

My money’s on Clara being River Song in some form, because Stephen Moffat just won’t stop using her even though she’s as annoying as a wasp in a car that reads over your shoulder.

A painfully sassy wasp with a catchphrase.


by Bret

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