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I’m always pleased to see thing which I think are cool, but are too embarrassing to actually use outside of your own home.

Here be one such thing- MOGA, the mobile gaming system, which addresses an issue close to my retro heart!

Basically, it’s a control pad. Not just any control pad, but a fairly retro looking one. This pad plugs into your Android phone and allows you to circumvent the need for touch-screen controls!

Anyone else like having classic games like Sonic and Streets of Rage on their phone, but rarely play them because it’s too awkward? Thumbs hiding most of the screen? Finding it hard to time button presses without a button to press?

There are two versions, Pro and Pocket, so here’s the speil:

‘The game-changing MOGA Pocket Controller features dual analogue sticks, shoulder triggers and four action buttons, and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth™, transforming consumers’ existing smartphones and tablets into precision gaming systems – with no extra hardware required.  Using the MOGA Arm™ to secure your smartphone, MOGA Pocket gamers benefit from a uniquely slim and sleek ergonomic design that maximises portability, whilst also minimising wrist fatigue during gaming sessions. Perfect for the gamer-on-the-go, the MOGA Pocket looks set to be a big winner with commuters with its discreet, compact design.’

MOGA Pocket Controller


‘The MOGA Pro Controller is designed for mobile gamers looking for extended playtime. Designed for maximum comfort and control, the MOGA Pro has full-sized grips, dual analogue sticks and a D-Pad, bringing console-class gaming to the mobile environment. Unlike the MOGA Pocket, there is no need for batteries as the controller is fully rechargeable and also HID enabled to grant a mobile gamer access to a wider collection of gaming titles.’

MOGA Pro Controller

But how do you know which games work? It seems you find your MOGA modified games via the Moga Pivot app, which has a library of titles such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Real Soccer 2013, PACMAN® by Namco and Sonic CD.

I love this idea for getting my retro on- but I wish it was a bit more universally compatible and I really want to see an iPhone version.

Still, it’s fun, no?

www.MOGAanywhere.com has the full skinny.

Excuse me, I’m off to Guardiana.


by Bret

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