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Did you see the first episode of The Returned?

If you’re French, you’ve probably see the whole thing, as it’s a French show (Les Revenants).

Subtitled, it’s a smooth and stylish supernatural mystery. With the exception of a token creepy child, it feels very fresh and modern. Some people, mostly kids, die in a bus crash. Years later, they come back. They apparently don’t remember the incident. This makes for a powerful first episode where some bereaved parents see their daughter come home, untouched by the accident. She doesn’t know that she was dead, only that she woke up in the countryside with no memory since leaving that fateful day. She just waltzes in and makes herself a sandwich!

Other stuff goes on, a lot of very French posing and being thin and beautiful, or alternately looking like a 70s alcoholic. The first episode is very slow burning, but mysterious enough to hook me.

Give it a try. There’s nothing much to say at this juncture without spoiling things, which honestly is a good thing. Experience it for yourself. Now that Game of Thrones is over for a year, we need some stand-in shows.

Mhysa! Tell your children not walk my way…



by Bret

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