Prototype 2 Screenies!

At first I wasn’t all that enthused about Prototype 2. Largely because P1 is just a silly gore fest.

Then I played P1 again through the grace of Steam and I must admit I have rekindled my love of the viral mash-’em-up.

As much as I normally choose plot over play, you do have to nod the head to a game with such wanton destruction; the pure glee of throwing a car at a tank and a man at a helicopter and shooting anime tendrils out of your body to impale the weak, etc, yesterday.

So I have boarded the P2 wagon of bands and thought I would share some of the release info and screenies for them what ain’t seen ’em yet.


Behold protagonist:

“Sgt. James Heller was a U.S. military soldier who lived in New York during the first Blacklight viral outbreak and was stationed in the Middle East during the second outbreak.  His wife, Colette, and  daughter, Maya, were caught in the initial outbreak and killed.  Since Blackwatch claims that Alex Mercer caused the outbreak, Heller signed up for patrols in the severely infected Red Zone, hoping for a chance to find Mercer and avenge his beloved family.

Heller has military training.  Before he lost his family, Heller had a joyful life.  His relationships with Colette and Amaya were close and loving.  When they were killed, Heller became a man transformed: he grew grim, rude, and impatient — a dark shadow of his earlier personality.  Even so, he is kinder and more sympathetic than Alex Mercer.  Heller’s goals rarely or even convincingly exceed his own personal desire.

At the beginning of PROTOTYPE 2, Heller eventually confronts Mercer in the Red Zone and tries to kill him, naturally without success.  Mercer, impressed with Heller’s bravery and fortitude, infects Heller with the virus for reasons yet to be understood, and now the ultimate fate of humanity desperately hangs in the balance…”
Mercer will still be ‘in’ the game, huzzah. Frankly more interested in him than Sarge. We also have Father Guerra (‘a kind-hearted badass — the classic inner-city priest who carries a sandwich for the hungry and a lead pipe for the evil.’). Everyone likes an angry priest. There’s a whole pile of other people I can’t be bothered to mention. Here is my favourite of the new enemies revealed so far:

“Flyers are a brand new phenomenon that have begun to appear in the skies over NYZ since the beginning of the second outbreak. Flyers are vulture-like monsters that spread the plague and attack anything that stands — or flies — in the open.

The origin of the Flyers has not been uncovered. Other than the Hydra, they are the only Blacklight monster that does not have a humanoid physiology. It’s possible that Flyers are city birds (pigeons, crows, starlings) that have been infected and mutated by the virus.

Flyers look like diseased vultures. They have pinkish flesh, scraggly feathers, and gnarled faces. Their wingspan is approximately two meters and they have bulk sufficient to knock a helicopter out of the sky. Their favorite attack method is to perform a high-speed dive-bomb. They mass in flocks.”

Sounds awesome. A few screenies of those in action below.


Tapas break!


Crafty baddies use a blue glow to make themselves look friendly.


Yes, we still have the gliding that makes no sense. Couldn't he at least morph up some bat-like wings?


Our birdy things looking rather sleek and cool here.


Bit awkward.


You can tell he's a badass army fella, on account of the knife.


There he is! Pictured here between consuming innocents.


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