Skyrim 1.5 update- bug fixes and brand new kill cams!

Behold, Skyrim update goodness- now featuring more than just repairs!


Bethesa today released the PC version of the 1.5 update via steam. What does it do? Watch above and read here!

This is a beta update (why?), so maybe it’ll fall off once you get going, but it looks promising. I expect console users will get it after the PC users have provided free testing.

The new cams look nice. I wish I’d had cams for bow and arrow when I played through the game! Mayhaps it is time to pick it up again and search out those few lingering unfinished quests.

There are several bug fixes in addition to the new prettyness so this is a meaty, substantial update. Hopefully this is groundwork for the first of the DLC…

Enjoy cinematic hollywood cams that spice up your murders faster than you can say “breaking the atmosphere”.


by Bret

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