Skyrim character creator presets- what will your character look like?

Oh, lovely- the time is upon us to behold a little previws of the Skyrim character creator! These are some of the preset faces revealed so far. I am really happy with these- not just the graphical improvements we can see, but the style improvements too. All of these faces suggest something of a more mature Elder Scrolls game; the Wood Elves being the best example. Oblivion brought us sunny meadows and funny little pointy eared fellows- Skyrim looks like it will be full of bleak medieval forests and hardened, almost tribal denizens. The Argonians also look excellent. All of these characters look like they have just been dragged through a hedge, which is how it should be with fantasy. Click for bigger (which is not the original full size- they were huge!)

Skyrim Wood Elf Compilation

Skyrim Redguard Compilation

Skyrim Orc Compilation

Skyrim Nord Compilation

Skyrim Khajiit Compilation

Skyrim Imperial Compilation

Skyrim High Elf Compilation

Skyrim Dark Elf Compilation

Skyrim Breton Compilation

Skyrim Argonian Compilation


by Bret

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