Solvenators S01E18 – The End

Solvenators S01E18 – The End

Solvenators has been a blast…


But it’s time for us to retire on a high, having actually fixed the actual world.

We may return in another form or after a hiatus- let us know, because feedback and ratings makes us hard for podcasting!

We’re fixing our wild cards this week, random gripes and things we didn’t fit into other themes, such as shower sex and getting rid of dudes in clubs!

We also take our last trip to Jamestown and solvenate your remaining knicker twisters, like asshole kids on games and bad drivers once again!

Get inside and enjoy the show. Thank you all for your knickers over the months and ratings on iTunes and Podbean which helps us loads! Will we be back? You decide!

by Bret

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