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Happy Valentine’s Game!

Happy Valentine’s Game!

Hey everyone, quick post about the Green Man Gaming valentine’s sale.


Some of you do Valentines, some do not. If you don’t, won’t or can’t, or if you’ve lucked out with a partner who likes to game, there’s a cool Valentines sale on at Green Man Gaming right now, up to 90% off.

This isn’t a sponsored post, just thought it was cool!

You can get discounts on various GTAV stuff (the main gam eis £16.99) and some indie games like Shelter are less than a pound. Hunie Pop is £1.75 if you’re short on a date and want to simulate chatting up Japanese cartoon gals. Alien Breed and Worms are on sale dirt cheap too if you want to play with a partner.

Last but not least, the brand new For Honor is £34 ish at the moment, which is cheaper than many places. So far it’s a very fun game, if a bit Ubisofty.

Right, have fun! Buhhye!