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Introducing Charli Vince, Illustrator

Introducing Charli Vince, Illustrator


Today I’d love to share with you all a little Q&A I had with Charli Vince.

Name sound familiar? It should, she’s the very talented artist who drew the cover for Strange Matters!

Charli kindly answered a few questions for me about her work. She clearly did a great job on my cover and she has a host of other fine work on display on her website, at Now that Strange Matters is in print and her art is being shipped all over the place, I thought it time to let others know more about her. This is Charli in her words:

“I’m a Norwich (UK) based illustrator with a love and fascination for the animal kingdom, intrigue, and colour. If I’m not at my desk doodling myself into a coma, I can be found drawing people in Norwich city, gawping at other people’s dogs, or getting punching stuff at Kung-Fu training (of which I am a black belt, not to brag or anything).”