The Firebird is now available on Booktrack!

The Firebird is now available on Booktrack!

Words AND sound?!


Well, yes. You see, Booktrack is a website which lists ebooks that have soundtracks. Right? So you open an ebook, either on the website or via their app, then as you read it, you hear sounds.

How? You set your reading speed and after a little trial and error, it’ll judge what point you’re at and play the appropriate track.

Why? To enhance the reading experience! I know, this is a strange idea, but it’s pretty cool. If, for example, you like to really get engrossed in a book and shut out the outside world- with earphones, mayhaps- then Booktrack is ideal.

Well, Booktrack kindly let authors self publish their own Booktracks and even list free books. So, I decided to post The Firebird on there, since I like that story to be free. Now, this is my first attempt, so go easy on me… but I’ve added a track and you can hear it on their site, or using the widget below!



Essentially, to make a Booktrack, you highlight sections of text and then attach music, sound effects or ambient sounds. It’s way harder than it looks to pick the right music. Even harder to add sounds- I did it sparingly, because you know, sound effects and books are an odd combo. Music and ambiance however, is great fun. The Firebird, as you will no doubt know, features a lot of forest action, so now you can experience it with forest sounds in the background!


Let me know what you think of Booktrack, if my attempt needs more work, or what cool ideas you’d have for more books that need soundtracks. Maybe a budding composer out there would make me some bespoke tracks? Worth a try.

I hope you enjoy experiencing The Firebird, either again or for the first time.



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