The Gist of The Witcher 3

The Gist of The Witcher 3

Geralt’s speech patterns are so cool and broody.



Hello folks- this week’s blog post is another little Gist comic, just for poops and titters.

There is something of Fallout 4’s ‘Shaun peril vs side quest’ issue with Witcher 3, but admittedly it’s far less pronounced because it’s accepted that Ciri is way ahead of Geralt and can look after herself.

But the way Geralt talks did start to amuse me after a while. Too cool to use personal pronouns.

As for the Witcher 3 itself, I must throw my oar in with those who sing it’s praises. I hugely enjoyed this game, which basically has everything; smart combat system, action pacing, interesting characters, gorgeous (truly fantastic) scenery, atmosphere, exploration and a good mythos. There are times when the sun peeks through the clouds and lights a field of waving corn that could be mistaken for an oil painting.

Though CD Projekt Red did ‘DnD up’ the monsters from Eastern European folklore somewhat, they are still vastly preferable to your usual fantasy fare. Sure, they feature flashy magic and the old ‘this magic is just technology, here, take this┬ámobile phone… er… seer stone’. However, I can forgive all this for the distinct flavour and the overall impression of an interesting world.

You have well thought out cities, realistic factions, politics, machinations… and most notably, the human impact of war. From the muddy, horrible battlefields to the migration of people and the personal tales of misery, it’s all really strong. It’s a shame that this vibe is balanced out with lots of tits and unnecessary crassness for the teenage boy gamers, but I can forgive it. It’s a personal taste thing, I imagine.

If you haven’t yet, give it a try!

by Bret

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