The Healthening – 24/01/12

Happy Chinese New Year for yesterday!

I tried to make this an excuse for getting a Chinese takeaway, but the better half saw through it. We did however enjoy a nommy roasty chicken and gravy… staying just barely within calorific contrains.


So whats the news?

The quest continues unimpeded. No news is frankly good news in this case- I haven’t broken my diet or my self, so far.

I haven’t joined a gym yet for the reasons I’ve already given. The principle one is time- between work and writing, I don’t have a great deal. I have been getting on okay with some mild working out at home and plenty of walking. I haven’t put this into a formal routine yet, which no doubt I should to make me stick to it, but it’s early days. I do a little Wii-ing when I use it to weigh myself.

Diet-wise I’m quite surprised at myself. I have found it relatively easy to forego my usual crisps and coke. Granted, I’m not very satisfied by the alternatives. I’m also often hungry at the end of the day.

Having said that, these are things that can be ignored and overcome. The dissatisfaction is a symptom of breaking habit- once I get used to being without, it will be better. Probably.

Less easy- deleting sugar from my tea. I’m not a massive tea drinker but find it immensly refreshing when I’m tired and first thing in the morning. I need the heat too, when I’m typing with stiff little fingers (hoho) at work.

Tea without sugar = mm a lovely cuppa, ugh, bleh, ptooi, dissapointment in liquid form. Again, hoping this will change once I get used to the idea.


I have another tidbit from the might BHF grimoire of weight loss; a checklist of behaviors that help one to lose weight. Let’s see if I do any of them:

– Do nothing else while eating (Don’t waste the calories – taste and enjoy them).

Fail. I almost always watch tv while eating. Admittedly, I bow to BHF’s wisdom on this one. It wouldn’t hurt to savour my diminished meals more.

– Eat at regular times.

Fail. My work patterns vary too much.

– Eat sitting down.

Win. What? How else?!

– Pause during meals and put down your knife and fork between mouthfuls.

Win. I actually do this, in a desperate bid to make it last longer.

– Aim to be the last to finish.

Fail. This one made me chuckle! I see the notion- make the food last longer by being the last to finish. Only problem is, what do you do if both of you are trying to be the last? I see myself frozen mid-chew in a battle of wills.

– Shop on a full stomach.

Fail. I get it, but often go hungry and then want to put everything I see into the trolley. Generally I manage to resist.

– Write a shopping list and stick to it.

Fail. Too much effort. List in brain.

– Keep healthy snacks to hand.

Fail. My fruit bags are in the fridge where they can’t be corroded by air and heat. Maybe I need an apple on my desk.

– Clean your teeth after a meal or when you get the urge to overeat.

Fail. I have never tried this. Brushing teeth is also effort. Taste of toothpaste not good. I guess that’s the point.

– Serve your meal straight onto a plate (without serving dishes).

Win. I already do this. I’m not Lord Allen of Allen Hall.

– Wait at least five minutes after finishing your meal before deciding whether to have second helpings.

Win. For starters, I generally just have one big helping. Also I’m still watching the telly, innit.

– Practise refusing offers to overeat. Learn to say ‘No, thank you’, politely but firmly and convincingly.

Win. I’m always refusing food from people. Don’t know where it’s been. Remember to be firm and convincing! NO THANK YOU I’M SICKENED BY YOUR OFFER, SATAN.

– Clear away any leftovers quickly after the meal.

Win. They’re in my stomach.


The weigh-in.

So far, so good!

Weight at week four: 15 stone, 5 pounds

A loss of 3 pounds! Making a total of 9!

Naturally, weight fluctuates all the time, even over the course of the day. Still, going down is preferable to up!

by Bret

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